Sprinkler Irrigation ( Center pivot )



High irrigation efficiency and reduction in water application in comparison with the traditional irrigation
Prevention from water streaming and soil weathering
Precise application of water for different soils and plantings in different planting seasons
Suitable soil ventilation
Invariable water distribution on the farm
Automation of the system and cost effective method of irrigating and low labor costs
Easy movement of the machine on the farms with less than 10 % slope angle
No need for drainage
Increase in yield in the area unit in comparison with the traditional irrigation
Poison injection possibility by the machine using accessories
Increasing the air humidity
Prevention from harmful mineral accumulation on the agricultural land
Firm and resistant machine against exposure to typhoon and wind
Usable for liquid manure injection


دارای تائیدیه نهائی از مرکز توسعه مکانیزاسیون معاونت آب و خاک وزارت جهاد کشاورزی و دارای مجوز عرضه دستگاه از دفتر سامانه های نوین آبیاری

Technical Specifications

Sort of machine : Center Pivot
Number of Spans Min 3 , Max 10:
Length of each span :
from 35m to 47m
The length of the machine : Are calculated according to the length and number of spans
Irrigation radius length : Are calculated according to the length and number of spans
Irrigation area : Are calculated according to the length and number of spans
Pipe Dim : 6 5/8 ( inch )
Electro-motor Power : 0.75 hp
Machine Voltage : 380 v
Min. time for a full revolution : 15-18-21-24 h
(Adjustable for different revolution
times in case PLC be used )
The amount of irrigation
water in a revolution : 9.88 mm

Power transmission system

Including electro-motor, middle gear-box, couplings, power transmission axle, wheel ear-box and wheels
The first manufacturer of sprinkler irrigation systems (Center Pivot ) in Iran certified to meet the standards by agricultural machinery testing and evaluation center


It transfers the electric power from the fixed parts to mobile parts.

Electric Control Panels attached on the spans

Each panel supplies the related electro-motor with the electric power and it is equipped with a rotary switch. The switch should be on while the system works and switching any of them off will stop the whole system. This is to help to control the movement of the system from all the spans.

Central Mast System

It is the center of the rotating system and it is based on the concrete foundation.

Span System

The span pipes carry the water from the beginning to the end and the water is led to the sprinklers to be sprayed on the farm.